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    What Should A First Time Player Expect?

    As someone who still doesn't own a Switch, the reveal of this remake has made me want to pick up the console before it's release. I've never played LA so what should I expect going into this game? I know the remake will add new things and make improvements, but are there any tips you would give...
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    Same lol

    Same lol
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    Movie Sequels that are better than the original

    It's pretty rare, but sometimes a sequel to a movie outshines the original. Do you know any movies like that?
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    Why does this remind me of The Beatles? XD

    Why does this remind me of The Beatles? XD
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    he's bringing sexy back.

    he's bringing sexy back.
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    Kingdom Hearts III Discussion Thread

    For ZDers who are fans of the Kingdom Hearts series, this thread will focus on the upcoming game next year. Trailer discussions, theorizing, and hopes/wishes can be discussed here. To start, what did you guys think of the trailers shown at E3?
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    2D Remake?

    Seems like a lot of the fans are hopeful for a remake of one of the old 2D Zeldas, ALTTP especially. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the next Zelda game for Switch will be a 2D remake? If so, what game would it be? I know this is unlikely, but I would love a remake of Minish Cap...
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    lol wtf

    lol wtf
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    I went out for sushi with my family. :3 Other than that I got a new wallet from my aunt and my...

    I went out for sushi with my family. :3 Other than that I got a new wallet from my aunt and my dad got me a Kingdom Hearts t-shirt ^^
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    Worst Decade for Music?

    The 50s gave us Elvis, the 60s gave us The Beatles, the 70s gave us Elton John, the 80s gave us Madonna, the 90s gave us Nirvana, and the 2000s and beyond gave us...Miley Cyrus. *shivers* Everyone has their own preferences, but for those of you who know a lot of music throughout the decades...
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    I'm good. How's life?

    I'm good. How's life?
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    Post-Game Content

    Why do Zelda games last post-game content? I always thought there needed to be more after completion of the main story. If they ever created a Zelda game with post-game content in the future, what would you want it to be?
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    Dealing with Death

    Over the last decade, I lost my grandparents. I noticed that as they passed away, I dealt with each death a bit differently. Maybe it was because of how close I was to certain ones, or my state of mind, but overall I always felt a giant gap in my heart. I either cried a lot or not at all. How...
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