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Link 2 the past


What I've played and beaten
LoZ - Beat it once or twice, never played it as a kid, AoL - Started many times, never really got that far, Lttp - Beaten many times, LA - beat four or five times, OoT - Beaten a few times but never actually beaten the master quest also beat the 3DS version, MM - Beaten a few times but only once with all the masks (thank you Caleb), OoA and OoS - Played both, not beaten either just yet but I'm getting there, FS, beat all the stuff on the DSi version save for those expert challenges, FSA - Played on single player but never beaten, WW - Beaten a few times, starting a 100% run soon MC - beat three or four times including one 100% run, TP - beat many times including a 100% run and a three heart run, PH - beaten only once, ST - beat twice, SS - Beat once so far but play to restart very soon!

I've not played the CD-i games, the original LA, the Tingle games, Link's CT and LttP for the GBA.
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