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  • Okay. This is in no way a Random comment. But I see your message about my Random comment, right? I respond to it feeling a little down that I may have made an online enemy. Then I go to check my friend request and your one of them...
    I just had to laugh, that's really funny. You don't expect to get a comment like the one you gave me, and then see a friend request from the same Person. That's so hilarious to me! It's like saying "I hate you! You annoy me to no end!... By the way, can we be friends? :)" I hope you find this funnier than my Random comment. I know I did.
    Sup, Random Person here.
    My apologies for leaving that comment on your page. It's not only you, I do it to any member I can get my hands on. Most find it hilarious, or at least different enough to be entertaining. But not everyone likes the same thing and I will try to remember that you don't like my Random comments. This was in no way an attempt to annoy or frustrate you, I just think people could use a different from the norm every now and again to make them chuckle. But, like I said, everyone's different. So. My apologies, and you will not see another Random comment from me on your page.
    Hey Will. Just to let you know- Dabombster isnt active anymore. The message that is sent to you when you first join is automatic.
    hey willy, Hierarch7 here. I couldn't help but noticing that you don't have an avatar, signature, or profile picture. I have several zelda pics and I could help you get a nice first signature, if you need one. Just let me know what about and I'll try to get back to ya.

    :triforce: The Seventh Hierarch :triforce:
    Tanks about the popular thingy,we can be good friends.
    So what do you like to do my friend?
    Well definetly Ocarina of Time, But I have a top five list.
    5. A Link to the past
    4. Wind Waker
    3. Twilight Princess
    2. Majoras Mask
    1. Ocarina of Time
    Do you agree?
    What's up Lilwilly? thanks for the friend request, what made you want to be friend with me?
    Yeah. That way you'll be distinguished from the other people on the forums. You have your own uniqeness! :D
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