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  • Sorry for not replying sooner. I'm fine. Oh and to answer your question on that one image with Pedobear on it, that's actually on my profile.
    Sometimes. The temperature needs to be low for a certain amount of time/it needs to be deep snow.
    I'm not exactly sure of the things it needs. :/

    What about you? Do you get snowdays often?

    also, on a random note, what are you getting for Christmas? :D
    Lucky you. I have to go into school on monday and teusday for some pointless reason. But some people say that it'll be cancelled if the snow continues. *dances*
    Do you pack the snow into a ball shape or do you roll it around? I always roll it around. It picks up more snow as it goes and eventually makes a huge orb. :)
    A cyclops! oD

    I and my friends used the powdery snow a few hours ago to make a snow turtle. XD
    I'm good. It's been snowing over the weekend. But I want it to snow again. The snow from the weekend is very powdery and bad for making snowballs and snowmen. :(
    Thanks. :>

    The amount of time a drawing takes depends entirely on the drawing and how detailed I want to get with it. I think both of my MM ones took about an hour iirc. Hour-hour and a half is usually my average for those kinds of speed paints.
    I guess your profile is ok as long as you like it that way. Of course the colors are really...contrasted, which makes some things uneasy to read but, anyway. :-)
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