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  • :zora: In that case I will Zorafie your day! Muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
    Hmm, that's actually a game I've never heard of.... What sort of game is it, and do you recommend it?! :?
    Oh-Hoy Lilwilly, long time no see! :wave:

    So, what's up in my closet?! Been playing any great games lately?
    I bought the GameCube version of Twilight Princess a couple of days ago, and I've just reached the Desert. ^^ I've beaten the Wii version five times, so it feels really weird playing the other version! :D

    BTW, I've stopped using the Triforce mark at the end of every comment I make! :nod:
    In your group you called me a true friend. But I haven't even gotten to know you yet. How are you?
    Canadian Dollars (CAN$). :-D
    It's pretty much the same thing as US dollars right now, and most of the time. :-) There have rarely be a so big difference between both, and even the coins are almost identical.
    Safe for now, since the late 1980 and early 1990, we have coins instead of tickets for the $1 and $2. :)
    Hey, wait a min... I answered to your question 2 days ago, so why isn't it shown here? :-/
    Well, anyway, I live in Canada. Really.
    Oh. :-/
    Well, I'd find a piece and send it to you, but I guess that would be very expensive. ...Maybe you can find some old junk wood that could be used?
    Well, anyway, that was just my idea, you're not forced to do it! ;-D
    I mean center city no woods for miles and miles. ( I live in northern texas. That means plains mostly and not woods til' east texas.)
    I also live in a city... *sigh (too)*
    But there are some woods around here. If you can find woods too and get out without anybody says you don't have the right to bring wood pieces home, it is yours! 8-D
    lol Nah, you just need a tree that's already dead, and its stump may be empty and already divided into cracked boards. :-)
    Wah...I just found you in my closet! :-D
    Hey, 'swordless kid', you can practice with sticks meanwhile. :-) A friend, my brother and I did and still do a lot, and I even sculpted a wooden sword out of a plate of wood I found the forest. You just need a big knife to work the wood and you'll see, that's WAY easier than it seems. :-)
    Thanks for the Bithday Wishes, So MERRY CHRISTMAS for today, hope you get the presents you want, as for me i'm saving up, well saved up for a 3DS and i've had a couple Wii games :D
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