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    Parallel Universe!

    I wonder if this article was generated by AI. "Collision with a Parallel Universe" is a grammatically correct, but semantically meaningless statement. It is akin to "A dry drop of solid water fell on the ceiling floor". Even if such a nonsense were possible, why is a "cold spot" indicative of...
  2. Lilith2

    Diablo 4

    Diablo x WoW is garbage. It shall be the poison fruit of a rotten tree...
  3. Lilith2

    Overwatch 2 announced at Blizzcon, do you care?

    Since it's rather likely just an incremental version of the engine, whatever new content and changes are very likely just backported to the original without much need for modification... it's essentially just like a large patch or update at that point. Still, it seems like an odd decision and...
  4. Lilith2

    Overwatch 2 announced at Blizzcon, do you care?

    No, I don't really care about a sequel to a game a failing company ripped off from an old Half Life 2 mod...
  5. Lilith2

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    That's good, I hope it goes well. :)
  6. Lilith2

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    This sounds pretty concerning, are you alright hun?
  7. Lilith2

    A Link to the Past Why is Link's Hair Purple?

    Link was a scene kid....
  8. Lilith2

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Is that why your Avatar's eyes are red? xD
  9. Lilith2

    Zelda's Unbroken Bloodline Is ABSURD

    Excuse me, but I think the discussion is about the personal bloodline of Zelda herself and familial, rather than a broader phenotype, or even haplogoup. In that case, there is rather an important discussion to be had! Methinks that you should study genealogy. :)
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