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    Ah Haha. No Smash Brothers, actually

    Ah Haha. No Smash Brothers, actually
  2. Libk

    It's the logo for my team

    It's the logo for my team
  3. Libk

    Hironaka Mansion Reboot

    Maid is a very wacky and Chaotic game about maids trying to complete tasks for the master of a mansion. How they go about completing the task is up to them. This allows you to pretty much do what you want as long as you can describe it, with die rolling every now and then to determine success or...
  4. Libk

    Game Thread The Room

    Written By Libk Produced By Libk Directed By Libk 1. @DekuNut 2. @Doc 3. @Minish_Link 4. @funnier6 5. @Mido 6. @Ryuken 7. @Stormageden747 8. @Storm 9. @YIGAhim 10. @Ayano Keiko Usual rules apply for this game. Bold your votes and invites. Don't talk at night. Don't use role pm as evidence...
  5. Libk

    Sign Ups The Room

    Oh hi everybody. How is your sex life? Don't worry about it. You invited all of my friends. Good thinking. Ha ha. 1. Dekunut 2. Doc 3. Minish_Link 4. Funnier6 5. Mido 6. Ryuken 7. Stormageden747 8. Storm 9. YIGAhim 10. Ayano Keiko
  6. Libk

    Connections with animals

    This is a really interesting thing that I've been thinking about recently. See, with all the stuff going on in my life I've been spending a lot more time with my cat. It's not that I didn't spend a lot of time with her before but ever since I moved into my own room she's been hanging out with me...
  7. Libk

    Buster-Mart RP Thread

    Buster has asked the applicants to wait out front in the main area of the shop as he has a lot of other applicants here as well. There are many racks of various guns on the walls separated by type of weapon in quite an orderly fashion. Pistols, rifles, sniping weapons, attachments, grenades...
  8. Libk

    Buster-Mart Sign Up

    Buster, the business scrub, has just opened up a new shop on the continent of Morgavia. Hyrule is a wasteland, filled with monsters, Lythan's Dragons are disappearing, Aurelion and Firnulyn are leading the world in technological advances and Morgavia is the center of cultural diversity. Only a...
  9. Libk

    New BotW Challenge: Gamecube Challenge

    So with switch update 4.0.0. we got added controller support for the Gamecube adapter and Gamecube controller. We're able to use the Gamecube controller with Breathe of the Wild now and I tried it out. It felt alright. It takes some getting used to but overall i liked it. We have a few minor...
  10. Libk

    Developing Your Character: A Character Creation Guideline

    The basic application provided by the hosts of an rp are a great way to start on your character but are really just a summary of who your character is to give other players an idea of what they'll be writing with or what roles may need to be filled in the group. While a good overall look at the...
  11. Libk

    Imprisoning War RP Thread

    Lyna kept her hood up as she made her way into castle town. She wasn't seen as an enemy. Not yet. She was simply here for a business arrangement. She stood outside Buster's Wares, a newer ship that dealt in a large number of goods.
  12. Libk

    Pathfinder Game Thread

    You all awaken, slowly, sitting at a card table with poker hands in front of you all. Unsure where you are, you look around the room to see several dead bodies around you and a barrel of water off to the side. most of there is a door to the south and a portcullis to the north. A sarcophagus lies...
  13. Libk

    Pathfinder Campaign sign ups

    Well I know some people wanted a proper RPG game to play on here so I've decided that I'm going to do a sign up for a pathfinder game with classes and adventure and all that jazz. For those who have not played pathfinder before, it's very similar to D&D 3.5 edition and you can find everything...
  14. Libk

    Crazy Adventure With Epona

    I may have accidentally spawned a second Epon next to the Chaas Qeta shrine near Eventide Island... So I decided to try and get her to land WE GOT HER ON THE BOAT But the boat didn't work. I found out that you can side step across ice though. IT'S WORKING So far to go though Oh...
  15. Libk


    December 7th, 1941. The Japanese have attacked Pearl harbor, leaving 16 ships sunk or damaged, and over 3,500 Americans killed or wounded. The Americans Declare war on Japan, and the Germans declare war on America in response. In Europe, the Germans have control. Things were looking Grim for the...
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