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  1. liam9785

    What Would You Call Your Child?

    i would call it either stephano in honour of pewdiepie or i would call it EESDESESESRDT
  2. liam9785

    Most Hated Game

    i know the ending was like a giant middle finger to the audience but it is a really fun game anyway don't let the ending ruin it for you just enjoy the ride it took you on
  3. liam9785

    Most Hated Game

    which 1
  4. liam9785

    Story Game

    crashed into the
  5. liam9785

    Can Someone Answer My Link Question

    i think it's because he was orphaned
  6. liam9785

    Story Game

    smelled of
  7. liam9785

    Story Game

    a blanket of
  8. liam9785

    When Life Gives You Lemons.... (V2)

    When life gives you lemons murder everyone and pour lemon juice on their wounds just before they die
  9. liam9785

    Favorite Fallout Game

    the beginning is a bit boring but theres more of a penalty in fallout 3 but in new vegas i wiped out everyone in goodsprings and no one cared
  10. liam9785

    Story Game

    jumped off it
  11. liam9785

    Timeline Theory

    i found this timeline while searching the web and would like to know if you all think it could be true here is a link because its too big to have on here:http://cache.gawkerassets.com/assets/images/9/2011/12/29631a766f1537530abc0ec5e6d15515.jpg
  12. liam9785

    Places You Would Love to Travel.

    Japan-I love their games and animes and the language Australia-always wanted to go since i was 4 Italy- love the food and culture silly places the leaf village- want to be a kick *** ninja hyrule-want to become a hero of legend be like the link in my signature pallet town-want to start...
  13. liam9785

    Kingdom Hearts Fans?

    i loved kingdom hearts had the first 2 on the day they came out the first 1 was like my 2nd ps2 game
  14. liam9785

    Story Game

    a bridge of
  15. liam9785

    Should Video Gaming Be Recognized As A Sport?

    that doesn't really class as a video game its more like a fitness video
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