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  • slash!!! taste this ganondorf, haha, you are slow than the chu chus!!! aggghhh!!! he gots me!!!, (this is your last adventure Len!!!) maybe you got me but still im not over ganon, wait a moment i have 1 bomb left!!!, fwooshhh!!!, CATCH THIS (um??) BOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!! yeahhh!!! i beat him!!! see ya! ganondorf! (ill swear i will get you Len!!!) in your dreams!!! haha out and with the 100,000,000 rupee!!!
    taste that!!! ugly monster, haha the 100,000,000 rupee is mine now!!!, oh ho here comes ganondorf, he whants a fight, well a slash of my sword is what he struggles for, then im going to give him that!!! To Be Continued...
    Hello Len, how have you been?
    I see you've bought Super Paper Mario! It's one of my favourite games!
    anyways, I have found the 100,000,000 Rupee!, it was right on top of That active volcano...in that castle place...with the space lazers...and the weird monster things!!
    anyways...it's in the mail!
    WANTED: the 100,000,000 rupee, call me if you seen it somewhere, REWARD: a gratefull thanks dude!
    Thats okay, sorry I couldnt reply sooner! and you're welcome (for the invite!)

    Sorry again!:)
    Welcome to ZD Len! Have fun and read the rules!
    If you need anything, just ask me or any other member! See ya around!
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