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  • Hey, Yuna, I read you were feeling upset...so here's some golden Sunshine, I hope things brighten up for you soon.


    I would first expect it on the next handheld before any console. Square has a habit if churning out past titles on handhelds to add to the library quickly. After that expect to see things in the direct download market like Wii Market or PS online. The compilations normally come out around the time a new sequel is released so it might be a while on that right now.

    Right now I'm still waiting on my updated graphics and content Final Fantasy 6. I think there was some talk of that on the 3DS a while back.
    I wold almost guarantee they would make a port. If only because it is a classic move on Squaresoft's part. Any time they have a marginally successful game it is ported to at least three more consoles later on down the road. I first played FF IV the after years on PSP, then on my Wii and now it will be on the Vita as well. They did the same thing with Before Crisis, it was on at least two platforms and I think there is a Compilation of FF7 games coming out pretty soon as well. With the success of Dissidia I would expect it to be rereleased a cople more times since like the others it includes all the classic characters.

    Probably by the time the next one comes out there will be a compilation put out to go along with it.
    *slaps Lady Yuna on the hand 21 times* That's right, 21, I'm saving the last one for a special time. ;)
    Yup, played the first one. Was a huge of fan classic FF characters appearing in a modern game again. I had thought all things FF6 and before were forgotten outside of the random rereleases Square loves to churn out on various handhelds.
    NP, and I think in two years you might be the second person ever to recognize the character. Cain never gets any love.
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