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  • Hm... not that I know. My friend owned the first series, so I borrowed it from her. I don't really know any good online manga sites either. T_T

    I beat FFx-2 at level 30ish. My party consisted of Yuna as an alchemist, and two dark knights? (I can't remember what the particular class was called) I played quite a few of the Final Fantasies. I'd have to say the spin-off Crystal Chronicles was my favorite, with Final Fantasy 3 as a close second.

    I'm guessing you've played other Final Fantasies as well? =p Also...! Kingdom Hearts!!! ^^
    Kinda. I really liked the anime when it came out and lost interest after awhile, and a few years later read the manga (the first series was amazing!), and lost interest again. And then I watched the abridged series, which was hilarious. I also know a little about the card game, since the comic shop I played Friday Night Magic at hosted YuGiOh competitions as well. :p

    Im a fan of the early YuGiOh, but I dont follow it anymore.

    Speaking of Final Fantasy...did you play X-2?
    Furie sees sunshine, pastels, and Kaiba (?)
    ...thinks, "What happened to Vain while I was off last night?" ._.
    Realizes this is not Vain's page.

    Oh, oops! Well, nice to meet'cha, Lady Yuna. ^^ I'm Furie. I might've seen you on the boards. I also enjoy me some Lady Yuna, though I have to say Rikku is my favorite. =p
    Sasuke is probably having a hissy fit trying to go after Konoha when he SHOULD be helping Naruto. I can just imagine!
    Hopefully something to do with Obito, but likely a motivational speech. hurts to say the latter though!
    my favorite is actually Naruto, Kushina and Minato...but Shikaku is still upfront right now
    Well I know Tsunade isn't actually dead (she got Katsuyu to help the other presumably dead Kage)...but I'm more worried about Shikaku :I

    That isn't good at all! omg...I can't wait for the next chapter but still. :(
    See blog for meaning behind pic :P
    Really? How much hair do you have? It would be a shame to see long hair, you know, not long. Lol, girls usually look like little boys when they have short hair. Anyway, hope it works for you like it does Ada.:) Yeah, E3 would be really cool too. More E3 than Comic-con, though. LOL! Over the rainbow? You on drugs missy?

    Fans? People don't know what they're talking about. Hey, a lizard mask is accurate. You cannot deny Jake's lizard-like face.

    I actually just saw the teaser on IGN, for the Tomb Raider trailer. Oh, isn't Lightning Returns going to be in real-time? If so... I'm so tempted to try the series.

    LOL! It was the beginning. The game barely started, and that fruity music was just blasting. It felt so weird. Oh trust me, I will be thinking of you. Then I'll rub it in your face.:P Yeah, Dom was cool. I was him since the beginning, and seeing him go, was terribly sad. I'm not your emotional type of person, but his death was really sad.

    Actually, someone does die...:( Well, Halo 4 is the start of a new trilogy, so she doesn't necessarily need to start from the beginning, but I'd recommend she does. Halo 3, and Halo Reach, aren't hard to come by, and the first Halo can be downloaded through the X-BOX LIVE arcade, but the Anniversary/remastered edition is just a trip to the store away. I think I've also seen Halo and Halo 2 for the original Xbox at Best Buy. They're really cheap. You should really start Halo!!! The story, the music, the characters, the environments are all amazing! You'll love it!:) I myself have been debating whether or not I should start Mass Effect. Especially with the trilogy coming out. Or is it already out? Cortana.... umm. Yeeeeeaaaah... she dies at the end of Halo 4. :lol: It was sad, but I find it really hilarious that everything you like, dies.:lol:...wait, what have you done!? You brought your curse over to my Halo!

    Thanks, I saw those yesterday, and by sheer luck too. The extra modes look really cool and unique. I can't wait.

    I didn't know his mother died, but even then, Wesker would have killed Jake. Complete global saturation, remember? Eh, his reaction was still very exaggerated and uncalled for. His attitude toward Chris just irritates me. He's just some new inexperienced punk who can't put his money where his mouth is. It was awesome when Leon said "I hope this Jake kid is as good as he thinks he is."

    No problem, always happy to help you.;) LOL, Resident Evil as a reference? How?:lol:

    Well thanks, Yunnie. Me, cheery? Nah. :embarrassed:

    Seriously, what the hell were they thinking? 5 Adas, even with 2, the story felt kind of goofy. I don't think Capcom has any intentions of revealing who Ada really is, maybe she's meant to be a half-baked character for the sake of keeping the mystery going. Well, I would still like to see Jill star in the game, we seriously need some clarification on her status. And plus, I doubt he met Piers in the beginning of 2010. They have an entire year to deal with. But the Chris being alone on missions is a good thing to touch up on. In a way, we get to see how Chris handles situations alone, but in another, having any connection to Jill would be out of the question. It wouldn't be as meaningful, considering we already know the outcome of the story.

    I don't ever remember talk of a clone, but yeah, they were going to bring him back... but they settled with lizard boy instead. Come on! Where's Alex? Hey, who says she hit the ground? She was stable enough to retrieve the G-virus that Leon threw.

    Yeah, Chris' ending was good. But they did really snooze. They better make up for the lack of a Leon and Chris team up.

    What? No to Resident Evil 2? Arguably the best in the series. But yes to Operation Raccoon City? Arguably the worst game in the series.

    LOL! You have a Spice Girls sweater? I do miss the old days though. Lately, I've been listening to some old school Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay, and Blink 182.
    I see, well drawing can be a good way to relieve stress I suppose, so I wish you the best with that...I can bet you're very good at stuff like that, uh-huh :3

    Once again, you're welcome, anytime...ok, here's hoping that all works out for ya, Yuna. If ever you're troubled and need someone to listen feel free to PM me though, being the "go to guy when stuff's bugging you and you wanna talk about it" around here is kind of my thing, heheh. Because the Vain in my name stands for insignificance and I like to go around ensuring others know how significant they truly are, yep ^^
    You're most welcome, anytime you may need some light I have a lot to spare, heheh. Ah, guess I know what that's like, truth be told I show more care towards my digital sister than I do my actual step-brother...though suppose if anything that makes me look bad, eheh, of course deep down I do somewhat care about my brother though >.>

    But anyways, if that is the case then try not too let it keep you down for too long, screw the bad sibling you have digital support...err, though guess it may not do much really, but at least people like me still care :)
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