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  1. Kylon

    Free Celebi with Pokemon Bank

    I would love getting a celebi for my dex. And can they breed with ditto?
  2. Kylon

    General Zelda What Final Boss Would You Like to See Re-appear?

    Of all the truly amazing antagonists in zelda everyone has one that they want to see again. For example mine is Vatti. What i want to ask you is what or who is yours?
  3. Kylon

    General Zelda What Final Boss Would You Like to See Re-appear?

    Ganon Vaati Dark Link Nightmare Veran Onox Majora Bellum Malladus Demise
  4. Kylon

    A Link Between Worlds Which Race Should Be in Zelda 3ds

    Throughout Zelda history different races have been told about in the story. These races have sometimes died off in the storyline. Sometimes we get to play as the different races like gorons, zora, etc... My question here is wh ich races should return in zelda 3ds? I personally would like to see...
  5. Kylon

    Anyone Want to Battle?

    Add me on white FC is 404124233466
  6. Kylon

    Does Anyone Have Any Evolution of Axew or Arcchen in Pkmn White

    Thanks just leave me your friend code and I can give you a throh and a sigilyph for them depending on levels
  7. Kylon

    Does Anyone Have Any Evolution of Axew or Arcchen in Pkmn White

    I really need a axew and archen to fullfill my Pokemon white dream team I'm willing to trade almost anything for one
  8. Kylon

    Anyone Want to Battle?

    I'm looking for a battle with a team about levels20-50
  9. Kylon

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    Your banned for being apart of ZD
  10. Kylon

    Most Favorite Side Kick

    I am sorry I didn't put the ones from games I've never played but I can work something out
  11. Kylon

    Most Favorite Side Kick

    Zelda from spirit tracks Line beck from phantom hourglass Midna from twilight princess King of red lions from wind waker Navi ocarina of time Fi from skyward sword
  12. Kylon

    Spoiler Fi Related to Ghirahim?

    WARNING MAJOR FINAL BOSS SPOILERS.From the the first time I saw Ghirahim in his final form I noticed it was pretty much a recolored Fi. If you pay attention during the final battle with him he flashes into a sword twice(Fi can do the same thing). The first time he does it for about a second. But...
  13. Kylon

    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    My least favorite is four swords . Ummm I can only play with other people for it to be fun.
  14. Kylon

    Ocarina of Time Ingo's Stupidity

    we all know that ingo tries to trap link in lon lon ranch after you beat him twice and get epona. I always just sit there thinking ok now what is he gonna do taunt link. seriously i think ingo needs to go back to school.
  15. Kylon

    General Classic Ocarina of Time I Can't Find the Running Man

    I was playing ocarina of time and I was doing the mask side quest and when I got the bunny hood I knew I had to give it to the running man but I don't know where he is I need help
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