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  • Hey, Kuddlesnot, I have a few questions regarding DSII. It's about the PC version. I want to ask for it for the holidays, and if I get it I'm going to be very confused.

    My dumb questions:
    *Would I need a console controller to play it online? If no to the controller, will I need any attachments to my keyboard?
    *How would I exactly play it online? Like, would I use a disc? Install it?
    *Is the PC version sold in stores such as Best Buy, Target, Wal-mart, ect?

    I know that these sound dumb, but I've never bought PC games before. A.k.a I'm a huge n00b. If you could help me out I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks.
    Dude, you're a boss. Thank you for clearing up my previous misconceptions about the story.
    Hey dude, I'm usually not this eager for someone to reply to me in a thread but this is a special case. I want you to answer my question about Darksiders I because I know you're very knowledgeable about the game. You can do this here.

    Sorry for being pushy, but I really want it answered. Thank you so much it's greatly appreciated!
    I moved your post to the Technical help thread.
    I don't recall ever asking you to do this.
    Saw your title, are you gonna be making video guides for achievements/trophies?

    If so what is your youtube channel so that I can subscribe.

    mine is the same as my name StarGate55555's channel - YouTube
    hey m8, I have a question.

    On this page Achievements and Trophies - Darksiders Wiki
    I want to add trophy smilies and gamer score as icons next to their values. I don't know how to upload the images though. :thinking:
    Obviously Darksiders is a fantasy game but do you feel the graphics are somewhat exaggerated? Are they as stellar as advertised? How would you say the franchise stacks up to the likes of Bioshock or Assassin's Creed?
    Hey, Kuddlesnot. Glad to see you've finally returned to regular activity. How is work going on the Darksiders Wiki?
    Yeah, I know. Some M rated games I think are fine, like the newest Assasins Creed (Not III but Revelations). Any swearing in that, at least during the actual Assasin parts, is really mild. Like... the "B" word, not the female dog word, but the other one.

    Wow that was awkward. Anyway, and then you can turn off blood, which is REALLY cool, and any sexual things there are mild as well, like the Courtesans are the only thing I saw that was bad, besides some mild cleavage on other female characters. So yeah, AC is a cool series.
    If I knew anything about the games, then probably. I don't play any games with swearing, blood or suggestive/sexual themes, so I wouldn't play that game.

    Your profile pic is pretty tempting though.
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