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    I think KrazyKuubi is the best person on zd! she told me how to do a whole bunch of smilelis! she was the second person to post a message on my acount! and a whole lot more! so I ask you to be nice to her
    do you like legos? cuase if you do I made a full lego link and a zelda head (I don't know where the piceses are for the body) :devil:
    hey i just wanted to say hello. if you don't know who I am it's link&zelda
    ...Hmm...is that so? Then i shall use my secret weapon (using he earths core to power it!!) and Then, i shall destroy you!!!!
    I highly doubt that KK! Now i have the powers of The Great Oracle! she shall reveal to me your every move! Blehh hHEHeh HEHehHEhehheh ehhehehhhe #cough# BLECK!
    So thats why the kingdom was completely empty...and there was a sign saying
    "Gone to different Unknown Realm, back whenever" Darn you KK and the nine tailed fox!!
    Hello KrazyKyuubi! I have finally broken into the unknown realm! I shall find you, and send my army of evil plant people to destroy you and your kingdom! Bleh heH eh ehhehehehheheheheh!
    Anyways, how are you?
    Get an account on an image hosting site, upload a banner/sig, then use the IMG code in there to add a picture. I make my own.
    No I don't get pleasure in your pain...you were just being very annoying the past few days.
    I shall bend space and time to destroy you KK!!! And the Nine tails!!! It is you who is doomed!!!
    No It will not! I shall remove its nine tails!! Then i will come to the unknown realm, And Destroy it and your kingdom!
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