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  1. Kokiri Kid

    Favorite Song

    Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan :D
  2. Kokiri Kid

    Where Do You Live?

    I'm Australian, so... I live in Australia :)
  3. Kokiri Kid

    What Cell Phone Do You Have?

    An old Nokia from 1876, an exaggeration sure, but it's old and I have no idea the model number.
  4. Kokiri Kid

    Possibility for Downloadable Skyward Sword Demo in Wii Shop Channel

    I think it'd be a good idea as well, but I can't see Nintendo doing it in the near future for the Wii, it seems a bit too complicated. Maybe the next home console.
  5. Kokiri Kid

    Koume's Potion

    I think I did, out of curiousity - not accidently. I can't remember reaction to giving me a new potion was though.
  6. Kokiri Kid

    Nintendo's Zelda 64 graphics good or bad?

    For the day, great, but now I prefer Twilight Princess style graphics or Wind Waker. They're a little bit easier on the eyes. But it's not like I can't stand to look at Majora's Mask graphics or OoT.
  7. Kokiri Kid

    Ocarina of Time What Did You Dislike About OoT

    True, but everyone has a right to complain XD. Anyway, I had nothing against the horse back riding. It was good for the 64 days...
  8. Kokiri Kid

    What Do You Aim to Achieve in Your Life?

    I have no real goals concerning careers, making money, or even having a family. I just live by the moment and the goal of my day today is sleep. When I get back to Australia, sponsor my wife's travel over to Australia. That's as far as I go with goals. I have no real ambition or thing I...
  9. Kokiri Kid

    Playing Games with Parents?

    My Dad rarely gets into video gaming. He says he's way too low tech. He likes Dr. Mario though on the NES and plays it on the Wii.
  10. Kokiri Kid

    Which version of OoT do you own?

    The gamecube version with master quest on one disc =)
  11. Kokiri Kid

    What instrument do you play?

    I play guitar and harmonica. About 2 really crappy kiddy songs on the piano XD. I wanna learn the violin and saxophone. I probably won't be though, because let's face it, you need motivation and I'm happy with what I have really XD.
  12. Kokiri Kid

    Evolutions of Enemies

    LOL no one reads your posts, they're too confusing and self contradicting. Besides I was just kidding around.
  13. Kokiri Kid

    Ocarina of Time Alternate Way to Defeat Dark Link

    I usually use the megaton hammer anyway, after my brother found out the effectiveness about it. I can never beat him with the Master Sword. If I'm too lazy, I just use Din's Fire and and magic potion.
  14. Kokiri Kid

    Evolutions of Enemies

    Queen Gohma would be from a spider. =D I'm so smart!
  15. Kokiri Kid

    If You Could Jump Into a Video Game, What Game Would it be?

    TP for Zelda. Because it's so beautiful. Other games, Animal Crossing XD.
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