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    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    It has been 4 years 4 months and 4 days since I last posted in this thread.
  2. Kogasa

    Zelda Fan Sites That Do Not Exist Anymore

    Zelda Eternity I'm pretty sure it's gone any way
  3. Kogasa

    Pedophile Activism

    People need to understand that there's a difference between pedophilia and attraction to children. For pedophiles, children are either their sole or primary attraction; while for others, this is not the case. For the latter, there's no need to control urges because children are just one of many...
  4. Kogasa

    Erebea (DerpdeDerp)'s Graphics

    Was dissatisfied with the last one, so
  5. Kogasa

    Sexiest Zelda Character

    I'd say that Saria is by far the sexiest character in the Zelda franchise.
  6. Kogasa

    FierceDeity, Erebea, DerpDeDerp, Suwako

    FierceDeity, Erebea, DerpDeDerp, Suwako
  7. Kogasa

    Erebea (DerpdeDerp)'s Graphics

    Woah it's been years
  8. Kogasa

    Your Favourite Animes?

    I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you are referring to as "animes" is, in fact, "anime". See, in the Japanese language there are no plural markers, therefore the plural of "anime" is still "anime". Many people pluralize words taken from Japanese without even realizing it. Through a...
  9. Kogasa

    Physically harming your child

    Here in the ghetto we all hit our children. I used to get hit with many things. VERY often, actually. My mother had 6 children to take care of and I was the youngest and I have ADHD, so I was quite the handful. While I wouldn't wish the degree of whooping that I received on any child, I honestly...
  10. Kogasa

    Internet Speedtest

  11. Kogasa

    What Does The Title Mean?

    It clearly means that the instrument in the game will be the Breath of the Wild, which you make use of by breathing into in various different degrees of speed and length in order to solve puzzles and unlock new areas.
  12. Kogasa

    BotW aesthetics

    Game looks great, it's like Skyward Sword but better. I like how there is extra detail in the textures yet it all fits together perfectly. I can't quite grasp how anyone still cares about how detailed a game is if it isn't supposed to look realistic.
  13. Kogasa

    How long will this game be?

    I hope its length is proportional to the amount of time I've spent waiting for it.
  14. Kogasa

    E3 Trailer/Discussion

    I will play this game.
  15. Kogasa


    I have never doubted that GameFreak would ever deliver, but man are they delivering. Cheers to another batch of cute girls.
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