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  • ahh! Sorry. I haven't played any sonic games so I can't say anything about that. I like the series for story and epicness,but Zelda is for story and adventure. Mother games are RPGs. Not like Zelda,but final fantasy type with the fighting screen. The first two games use a menu like Dragon Warrior since Shigesato Itoi(creator of the series) was inspired by those games. They are all 2D,but that doesn't matter since the animations and dialouge help tell the story. Maybe if your a zelda fan or Pokemon Fan, but not Harvest Moon fans. Sonic is platformer so no I guess.
    The Super Smash Bros. series was made by the people who created the Kirby Games. A side-scrolling fighting game with easter eggs would be lovable to people who play lots of different games. This would probably be the game for you since Link's in SSB64/M/B. Sonic is in SSBB and isn't that series side scroller,except for the recent ones. Harvest Moon fans are not likely to like SSB games. They'd probably Like Animal Crossing and Sim games(My sims or Sim city or the sims) more.
    Oh don't worry, I don't hate you. A few brawls isn't exactly grounds for hating somebody, I was just annoyed. Sure.
    Okay.*cracks fingers* My favorite type of music has to deal with a lot of things. I like Ballads,Rock,Classical,and Techno. I love VG music. What I really love in music is that melody you always love with that feeling you get inside. My favorite VG series is Mother/Earthbound (same series). There are three games and I'm inbetween Mother 3/Earthbound 2 and Mother 2/Earthbound. I love Mother 3 for it's story(all the games have great stories) and Earthbound for it's dialogue and Epicness(story too). BTW The first Mother Game is called Mother/Earthbound Zero.
    happy birth day FierceDeity!!!!!
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