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  • Haha we have the same problem! I could never understand why anyone would have the heaters in the school on when it's 110+ outside. "Malfunctioning AC" my ***... it's a conspiracy I tell you.
    And yeah, Dodongobomber (Known as Reaganthebomber on ZE ustream that you mentioned before) is having his own live stream tomorrow morning 10am EST if you're interested. I'm pretty sure he'll be doing the first two Zelda games but I'm not 100% on that. Did you meet Reaganthebomber at ustream a couple weeks ago?
    Thanks for adding me =] Ill talk to you later. :)
    Damn do I feel you about the heat! I live in Southern Nevada, it gets pretty intense out here. What about you?
    And yeah this schedule is alright, but somehow I'm barely at home because of it... if that makes any sense haha. And that reminds me how badly I need new Zelda games :/ I really only have OoT and MM which I've already beaten. Not that I'd have any time for it anyway. Oh well.
    Did Dodongobomber tell you about his new stream this weekend?
    Hi would you like to add me :) ill be makeing a pictures soon :)
    Wow haha that sounds pretty cool even though it went way over my head! I'm not that good with computers and stuff.
    And maybe I jumped the gun a little on the whole schedule thing... I've barely been on at all this week haha. I just gotta get used to it I guess.
    Ah, I see. I was just wondering because I've never read the whole manga :p
    I always did love Fierce Deity Link, too bad they never gave much info on him in the game.
    Homebrewing your Wii? Haha what does that mean?
    And yeah, school's starting for me tomorrow. It's alright though, cuz I've got a great laid back schedule this year so I'll still have plenty of time to keep up with Zelda Dungeon and everything
    LOL thanks. I didn't make the toon Fierce Deity though.
    I also have one with more subtle text if you want that.
    Hey I made a siggy for you. It isn't exactly what you asked for but I made it anyway :P

    EDIT: Aw crap I misspelled deity. I knew there was something wrong. I'll fix it pronto ;)
    EDIT AGAIN: Fixed it, along with a couple other improvements.
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