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  • Catching up to you as top poster of the day :p

    Im getting online for Smash now!
    Yo Fierce, I noticed you put up your Brawl FC
    I can't play at this specific moment up was just going to ask if I could add you.
    Heres mine:
    0131 7028 9608

    I could probably play sometime later today. I'm not great by all means either. I just play for fun mostly.
    You could always try talking to MrMosley or Cooldogs.
    You did work hard for that achievement, after all.
    But, I guess since the system is still under development things aren't that stable :/
    That sucks :(
    At least you're not like Ember who apparently has -4872 points.
    I didn't even know you could get negative points.
    Mine too!
    I think they're messing with the Experience feature.
    Hopefully they'll put everything back.
    yeah...my maximum has been 35...some days there's just nothing to post about...then there is some days when there is too much to post about, and you cant keep up
    Maybe you'll be able to challenge Ember Incubus in the active-user department :P
    Nothing much; still yelling at screen due to AoL.
    hey i heard that kickinbird told u about my stream today. im continuing it tommorow, finishing up ganon and then moving on to zelda 2. i would have finished it today but some things came up.
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