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  • Oban: Star Racers, eh? :P

    You seem to know all the odd animated shows I've seen that no one else is ever familiar with.

    I once thought about making an avatar of Spirit from Oban, but I could never find a good reference pic. Canaletto wouldn't be too bad either though.
    You like Evenescence? I like some of their songs too. And Linkin Park are great also.
    I just wanted to say thank you for your story and advice. I'm also glad that things turned out for the better with your sister. I appreciate your prayers and I can only hope that she realizes whats best for her in the long run.
    Hey I love code lyoko I love yumi she my fave here but I hate William when he turns evil , also love the theme song
    Is that a CODE LYOKO AVATAR!!
    I loved Code Lyoko! It's such a shame it isnt on TV anymore...

    Ulrich and Odd were my favorite characters (Next to XANA :P)
    Good to hear that =)... oh me? i've been fine, doing allways exactly what i do everyday, write my story, play guitar... all the stuff i like to do, i've even drawn myself as a fantasy character =) lol not much but there is in my album, well knowlee it was nice to talk to you again, i'll write you later.
    |Lenny| =)
    Hey knowlee... do you still remember me right? (i am the guy who used to talk weirdly in the shoutbox XD)
    i haven't talked to you for a long time so, how have you been? =)
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