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  • Really? I don't think I've met someone that really cares about Mickey Mouse and all of them and never been to Disney.
    Oh, I like your avatar. I've been to Disney dozens of times. I live about 4 hours from Disney World actually.
    Hey there. I thought you might be able to inform me as to something that pertains to your latest news post. Will multiple people now be in charge of the Featured Fanart posts on ZD or is this just temporary as the site transitions into homing in on someone to be dedicated to making those posts?
    Sup Knowlee, Random Person here. For some reason it took me this long to notice your avatar and sig. I freaking love digimon (in the middle of watching season 5) and I do recognize the greatness that is Angewomon. My favorite digimon is Angemon. I just felt that you needed to know that.
    Thank you Knowlee. It was pretty good. Got Dead Space 2 and had a classic Green Power Ranger cake so I'd say that's a win.
    Hi nice to meat you I hope we can be friends also add me to your Skype please. My Skype is darkmaster919199........
    Possibly. Or we just watched the same channels during the same periods of time and still appreciate ye olde animation. Also, month-late reply ftw.
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