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    totally for it in eShop, but not sure if it would do well in 3d...
  2. kitty

    Three-Branched Timeline Split Explanations

    not gonna lie, before this video i totally hated the 3-split timeline, now, i kinda like it, good job YourHeroes
  3. kitty

    Ghirahim Vs Demise

    i liked Demise as the final boss. Debbie was much easier to beat, and its not like we hadn't seen Demise before in the game (the 3 battles against the Imprisoned, ugh, hated every one). Demise was hard for me to beat, killed me a few times over
  4. kitty

    Between MM and TP

    im leaning more towards him being SS Link. it fits, timeline wise, and Shade mentions regret for not being able to pass down his sword skills. going bac to the move similarities, SS Link and TP Link have similar moves, like the 'ending blow.' also, Shade says "but your current power would...
  5. kitty

    Favourite Skyward Sword Feature

    the skyward strike, and strangely, the dash ability. i thought it was a nice touch
  6. kitty

    Spoiler Ocarina of Time Vs. Majora's Mask

    in terms of story, characters, depth, side quests, and overall feel, majoras mask. total fav~
  7. kitty

    Spoiler Impa

    that also came to mind. at first i thought Groose was gonna become Ganon somehow
  8. kitty

    Last One to Post Wins.

    and kitty becomes the winner! woo woo~
  9. kitty

    Spoiler Skyward Swords Ending Did It Answer Our Questions

    thebluereptile is right, the Links are all connected by spirit, not by blood. so SS Link could easily start Hyrule with SS Zelda. it just shows that OoT Link probably isn't related to SS Link biologically. also, in between SS and OoT, MC happens right? I suspect MC Zelda to be a descendent of SS...
  10. kitty

    The Little Thing That Annoyed Me

    this. when it came time to meet the water dragon lady, i so thought id be getting the water tunic. but i get kinda why they didn't throw in different tunics, it being the first game in the timeline, there really wouldn't be different tunics. there would be no one to wear them. at least on the...
  11. kitty

    Who is More Annoying: Fi or Navi?

    Fi was waaaaaaay more annoying than Navi. i never thought Navi was annoying to begin with, i loved her character, and her hints and advice. Fi gave useless info, she was always giving weird percentages, and her info on enemies didn't help at all..... that being said, by the end, i was said to...
  12. kitty

    Spoiler Ghirahim: Your Thoughts?

    i highly enjoyed Ghiriham, he kinda reminded me of Majoras Mask/Skull Kid. hes crazy, childish, and fabulous xD
  13. kitty

    Do You Think Majora's Mask and Skyward Sword Are Similar?

    i think SS is more like WW and TP than it is MM a lot of the stuff you do is like stuff you do in WW like the open flying = open sea sailing, and being captured and having to sneak your way through the Eldin Volcano = Forsaken Fortress, Zelda getting kidnapped and Link trying to fin her = Aryll...
  14. kitty

    Spoiler Impa

    so we find out at the end that impa was the old lady and she is part of the shiekah tribe (of course) but is it at all possible that she's part gerudo too? or the ancestors of what might become the gerudo tribe? i mean, she's darker than most, and the whole thing bout the Temple of Time being...
  15. kitty

    Zelda Character You Would Marry

    id marry kafei ;) he's just super sweet and id love to live in clock town!
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