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    Spoiler FI?

    I just beat Skyward sword for the first time (like 10 minutes ago) So Ghirahim was obviously some kind of Anti-Fi, so is there an anti-master sword? And if Demise's black sword was it, why haven't we seen an anti-master sword any other time. Just bringing up something that ws problobly...
  2. kindlyone

    Snow!!!!!! (not Here)

    hey guys all this snow the country is having sucks because down here in Florida we dont get any so just enjoy your snow days cause florida kids are still in scjool :( no zelda in school
  3. kindlyone

    Name Game

    Punk you better not replace my ridiculous hard challenge just to make yourself look good XD
  4. kindlyone

    Ocarina of Time Bunny Hood Guy

    when you sell the bunny hood to the guy in the middle of Hyrule field he runs off at the speed of sound why doesnt link run really fast when he wears it (i know he does in majoras mask but why not in ocarina of time)
  5. kindlyone

    Name Game

    kindlyone kindkyine kinsdyone mmn xz vg a ??????????????/?///??? you don t have to caps yuor name
  6. kindlyone

    Name Game

    kindlyone kimsluone kindlyone ,lkin kmgn f LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
  7. kindlyone

    Name Game

    kindlyone kindkyihw kindloyone ,mkj cvv ,mbhkmn fcg Lol the game has beaten its creator (for the 20th time)
  8. kindlyone

    Zelda Pets

    i would get a cucco so that if anybody came in my house i would stab it and it would attack my attacker
  9. kindlyone

    Things That Could Hurt the Game--most Likely?

    i believe 6. too easy(cough TP cough) or that stamina bar will make the game less fun
  10. kindlyone

    What Would You Name a Zelda Game?

    The Legend of Zelda: Fall of hyrule sounds like hyrule will corrupt from within and entire villiges will revolt
  11. kindlyone

    Lets Count to 2,000... by Fives!

  12. kindlyone

    Spirit Tracks Get 1:15 in Whip Race?

    i have gottton that heart container and this was eisely the hardest one i 100% STand this was the last heart container i got
  13. kindlyone

    Rate the Siggy!

    its barely a siggy 4/10 get a sig bro :P
  14. kindlyone

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    because the moon has already crashed into the sun causing eternal darkness why am i goth?
  15. kindlyone

    What Would Happen if Link Was Not Caucasian?

    if you think about there are only two skin tones in zelda tan like gerudo and white like hylain
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