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  • I'm not surprised, people still like OoT. No one will give it up, it's been over ten years since OoT too. THAT'S the weird thing that everyone is still talking about OoT like it just released. I mean yeah it was the first Zelda game with 3D graphics that's cool, but no one is talking about PH like that for being the first Zelda handheld with 3D graphics.
    ..Kaynil? I swear to God that sounds so familiar. I've heard Roczuz or however it was spelled before as well.
    Definitely not, im here to just enjoy the site :)
    Im sorry if I came last time as a little annoyance.
    Hi there! Yes, I do like playing OoT a lot.. hehe.
    Ok, thanks for da welcome. And yes, I am having fun! :)
    Hey, Thanks! I hope I am here for time to come! By the way, I have mastered and perfected the WW, If you got any questions, I am your guy.
    You can call me marty if it really really pleases you :P :lol:
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