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    Spoiler G4's Revealed a Lot

    http://www.g4tv.com/games/wii/63180/the-legend-of-zelda-skyward-sword/articles/75640/legend-of-zelda-skyward-sword-the-first-hours/ What do you think of all this?
  2. Katherine

    Spoiler Zelda's Scarf

    All of these ideas were in the back of my mind. It's just that Zelda doesn't have hers in that one scene where she's flying with Link. It might not mean anything, but it just seems kinda weird.
  3. Katherine

    Spoiler Zelda's Scarf

    I don't know if this has been pointed out before, but Link's parachute has the same design as Zelda's scarf. So can we assume she gave her scarf to him?
  4. Katherine


    When were their ages confirmed?
  5. Katherine

    Since Twilight Princess Got a Trading Card Game Willl Skyward Sword Also Get One?

    They have Twilight Princess trading cards. I've only seen them at the Nintendo Store in New York, though. I don't know if they have cards for any other series.
  6. Katherine

    Spoiler Now What Does Everyone Expect in the Overworld

    I'd like to see many villages and people. It'd be cool if there were a lot of NPCs running around outside the confines of a village; it'd make the world seem more lively.
  7. Katherine

    What Zelda Character Looks Like You?

    I always thought I looked a bit like the Rich-Girl-gone-poor from Wind Waker: Mostly the hair though. I haven't got freckles and my eyes look a bit different.
  8. Katherine

    Spoiler WTF!?! What Sword is That?!?

    Maybe that it'll slowly change into the Master Sword, and it's in it's middle stage. Similar to the Master Swords transformation in Wind Waker? I don't know.
  9. Katherine

    Ask Me Anything About the Skyward Sword Demo

    Touche. She doesn't make any noise when she wants your attention does she?
  10. Katherine

    Ask Me Anything About the Skyward Sword Demo

    Hopefully her comments about refiling your health were only for the demo. I can see that getting really annoying.
  11. Katherine

    Phi, What do we Know?

    Oh, good. I like the sound of that better. --- I really hope she gains some kind of personality. I remember growing really attached to Midna, making the story all the more interesting. If she is the Master Sword, and therefore a major part of the story, you'd think she'd need a personality...
  12. Katherine

    Phi, What do we Know?

    Okay, could somebody please clear this up for me: Is her name pronounced "Fee" or "Fie".
  13. Katherine

    Link, Officially Right Handed Now?

    I'm left handed myself, but if given the option to play a Zelda game on the Wii with either hand, I would choose to play with my right. It's because of the control stick for me. I'm so used to having it under my left thumb. Buttons under my right. It's been like that for the Gamecube and the...
  14. Katherine

    Electric Dungeon?

    At 00:15 you can also see the rail cart that we saw in the other trailer. Magnetism could work kinda like it did in the Goron Mines. Maybe you'll have to switch around some electrical currents to be able to use the hookshot. If it is a hookshot, and it's magnetized, it'll probably serve as the...
  15. Katherine

    Where Would You Live in Hyrule

    Either Faron Woods or on some island on the Great Sea.
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