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  • I saw your thread and have to say this: Zelda Dungeon is THE best Zelda forum, the nicest, happiest forum you'll ever look upon. I'm glad you experimented with other Zelda forums first, so you'll likely stick around long enough to get to know the people here. :)

    Some new members left ZD out of anger and immaturity, all I had to say to them is "good luck at ZU and ZI, they'll tear you apart". XD Anyway, I know you'll love it here. :)
    Wait, i re-read our conversation. No need to be sorry for what you wrote. I honestly don't mind. ^^ I'm actually quite flattered. :embarrassed:
    Sure, we actually have a lot of members of ZD on Deviantart. There is even an official ZD deviantart page here
    Yup, I have even talked to him on a couple occasions about his and my ideas for extra spiritual stones. His are drawn while I made mine out of jewelry clay and various fake and semiprecious stones. We both came up with the same idea with the Shiekah Amethyst and Twili onyx, but most of the others are a little different.
    Hello Nayru, thanks for the friend request.

    And yea I'm a little bit of a Vaati fan.
    :lol: Great to hear! Anything else going on? Made any new friends yet? And also, if you get the chance, go and read my personal blogs to learn a little more about me. Obviously, my personal blogs are only a small portion of my whole blog. So, if you wanna, go check that out!
    Ok, Nayru, gotcha. Seems you're liking it so far over here, isn't it so?

    What is that I read about you losing your seriousness? Is it something to be worried about?
    I always read others posts. ^^ Well, i'm glad to hear you think i'm kind. Are you enjoying it here so far? (why are you losing all your "seriousness"?) :lol:
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