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  • Seems our relationship is improving.

    Lol thanks. I am available for hugs 24/7. I've been the manager of my very own "hugging company" since '92. What? Prostitution company? No, of course not! It's just "hugs", I swear!
    *After reading your blog*
    Disappearing SD Cards you say.....that's crazy. Anyhow, it’s nice that you finally got a new one; maybe I’ll see you out there on the race tracks one day. Well, see you around, I’m off to chat and make people happy….for I am Vain, Digital God of Peace…..
    With the chronicles of aaro, I'm a little confused and I haven't had the time to read up on what's going on. Please excuse me.
    Please don't kick me out I forgot about the RP and I just posted my character so please dont kick me out!!!
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