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    Breath of the Wild Who Should Voice Link in ZeldaU

    And by this thread we mean "Who should voice Link's SFX?"
  2. Kaleb Dampf

    Better Company: Sony or Microsoft?

    I have an idea. Back in November of 2011, I started a very heated debate much akin to this one by bashing on Skyrim upon it's release. The point is simple: The internet is filled with opinions, but some arguments are better left unsaid, such as Sony vs Microsoft. Everyone has their preference...
  3. Kaleb Dampf

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Simple and Clean by Utada :p
  4. Kaleb Dampf

    Rate the Siggy!

    Seeing as it is the Year of Luigi, a freakin good year indeed, 9/10
  5. Kaleb Dampf

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda Fan Fiction

    It breaks my heart that over two years have passed and I knew naught of this beautiful fanfic, and looking back in my now Senior year of high school, I remember my freshman year when the posts were issued to make the RPG. Good job Ammy... just wish I could have known of its existence sooner
  6. Kaleb Dampf

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Metroid: Other M. Haters gonna hate, but the cinematic mode after completion is entirely worth it
  7. Kaleb Dampf

    Middle Earth RP

    (heading out of rp.... never have time. sorry guys)
  8. Kaleb Dampf

    Middle Earth RP

    Having been loyal to the Elven traditions, Keleb could do naught but stand idly by and wait for permission to try and heal this warriors wounds
  9. Kaleb Dampf

    Middle Earth RP

    Approaching the small band, Keleb kneeled down next to two warriors, and offered his skills in Elvish Lore and medicine to aid the injured
  10. Kaleb Dampf

    Middle Earth RP

    Preparing for the long journey ahead, Keleb approaches the small band of fleeing soldiers, eager to join a fellowship, and hone on his long forgotten skills.
  11. Kaleb Dampf

    Middle Earth RP

    "Approaching from the West, Keleb slipped past the remains of Sauron's army with ease, and began his quest to aid others in hopes of reviving the Guardians to their former glory"
  12. Kaleb Dampf

    Middle Earth RP

    "Weeks passed, as Keleb sat watching the distances of what remained of The Last Alliance fell to the power and might of the Dark Lord. He dared not move, for the Guardians lived with him and him alone. As this thought rushed through his mind, there was a great cry from Mordor, eerily akin to...
  13. Kaleb Dampf

    Middle Earth RP

    [Name: Keleb] [Race: Elf] [Gender: Male] [Age: 3470] [Appearance: Unusally fit for an Elf. Braided golden hair, blue eyes. Wears a bronze breastplate emblazoned with the crest of his Lorien Home. Silver and Olive drab cloak.] [Weaponry: Bow, knives, shield, heavy-handed blades, one handed...
  14. Kaleb Dampf

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    You're banned because I read this whole page and didn't understand a single word
  15. Kaleb Dampf

    Your Least Favourite Pizza Topping

    Gonna have to go with the ever elaborate spinach. I love the stuff, just not on my pizza
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