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Kaleb Dampf
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    It's extremely annoying. You don't know my pain! D:
    Hellooo!! ((:
    How are you??
    (It says i need 30 characters so i'm writing pointlessly now)
    I promise that you will love this site a lot! So yeah, see you later dude!
    Ahoy Kaleb! Thanks for the friend request, and welcome to ZD! :)
    If you've got any questions, just ask me or anyone else! :D
    Welcome to ZD don’t forget to read the rules.

    Your Fav LoZ game/games, Fav BGM/BGMs, and Dungeon in those games?, Fav MM mask?, and your Triforce wish?

    Mine are OoT (Gerudo Valley) MM(Stone Tower and Deku Palace) TP(Hidden Skill, Hyrule Field, Hidden Village) AlttP(Sanctuary and Hyrule Castle)
    Stone Mask love killing Takkuri for money.
    World Peace(like no wars peace.)

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