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Kaleb Dampf
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  • Whateves man whateves. I guess we both had our faults, end of story. I'm not trying to start something, it was all a giant misunderstanding. Sorry bro. Let's start new.
    There is no way I'm presenting myself as a girl, my avatar is of Torrie Wilson unless she was a Zelda fan why would any girl make their avatar be of another hot chick. I also find it strange how you switched topics and opened up with the most obvious begining of "soooooo...".
    so who's you favorite character on Silver chair?
    Umm, I'm a dude. And also, you shouldn't hit on girls on forums either. So yeah, I'm gonna report you.
    nothing much is new... OH! last night my sisters,Mom,and I watched the Voyage of the Dawn Treader!!! :D

    ok,I HONESTLY have to say...it was boring... but I'm glad I got to watch it.

    so...what about you? what's new?
    Well obviously Zelda, duh.:lol: And yeah I'm a fan of the Metroid series.:) I got all of them except Super Metroid and Return of Samus. I really need to get Super Metroid. I haven't played all of them but will eventually get to them. I really like Metroid Fusion though.
    Hey Kaleb!

    I like your profile picture and Avatar :D
    Yeah, I got narnia ice cream to join here too, in the name of ice cream! :)
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