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  • hello, I am the one is doing your signature, did Linknerd tell you that, and plus what do you want on it ^^
    Hey K1! I'm sorry that I never made your sig. My friend, Josie will make your sig. Tell her what you want on it.
    Sorry for making you wait. I've just been busy with school and I don't have time being on my laptop. I'm using iPod. But I should get it finished tomorrow or later. Sorry. I appreciate that you being patient with me.
    Click "View Conversation" at the top right of the boxes below. This will take you to a separate page where you can converse with your desired target. This, in addition, will send them a notification that you've replied to them.
    You haven't figured out how to post a VM yet^^ Which means that I can't tell that you notifyied me or someone.^^
    I think I have everything figured out. Now I just have to find some interesting threads to post in.
    Welcome to Zelda Dungeon, kaimason1! I'm Linknerd09! Enjoy posting around the forums with us! Ask me if need help or have ?s! Read the rules^^
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