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  • I may have mentioned a long time but 1 of my friends has relatives in Holland and he visits them over the US summer break so you may have seen him but unfortunately I don't know his name as I don't talk to him often.
    I checked your profile and with you mentioning euros.

    Do you live in Europe and the next game on my list of currently released is SSMB: Brawl after Okami and I'd totally give you my Friendcode.
    We all got bored with K:EY and eventually found the idea stupid but my friends did like the trade-in value was 35$ as we did this 2 months after it came out.

    I don't other than the difficulty I don't remember why we traded-in SC: Legends.
    Of course I have another 32$ and I have my pre-ordered copy paid off.

    I have borrowed Wii games before from friends so I'm familiar with how controls work.

    The only Wii games I myself bought were Kirby: Epic Yarn sucked and Soul Calibur Legend got to difficult and my group of friends and I were all stuck at the same place.
    I know it's strange but the few games Wii I bought were terrible or after awhile we all got on them.

    I want to get Brawl but it's way to expensive I mean really the price should at least be 35$ but it's not the price is still as if the game had just come out even though it's been 2 or 3 years since the game was actually released.
    Okay now it makes sense.

    SNES: TMNT: Turtles in Time

    N64: Excluding the LoZ games would be Starfox64

    Gamecube: TP

    Wii: Final Fantasy 3 on the VC.

    I don't actually own any Wii games yet but my friend is lending me Okami.
    I'm not big into them but I Have Mortal Kombat:Trilogy on my N64 and Soul Calibur 2 on my Wii(Gamecube)
    Same here about the forums but it's fun talking to your friends.

    So I upgraded mt pre-order of SwS so now I'm going to get the awesome controller.
    I live in the United States specifically Florida. 1 of my friends from school has family that lives in Holland he visits them during Summer Vacation.
    I don't know if you're logged on now but if you are I'll be for 1 hour.

    So anything you want to talk about?
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