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  • @Kybyrian
    Mon estomac n'aime pas la pizza plus la nuit. Personne ne m'a dit ces nouvelles. C'est très difficile à accepter. Je suppose que c'est mieux que l'intolérance au lactose.
    Oops! :P I'm so forgetful, eh? I almost forgot to link ya to the story. Anyway, here's the link to it, Joy Sexy.

    Storm of the Undead
    Actually, not very many peeps signed up for it recently, just you and two others. No, dear Sexy One, the huge list is mainly composed of past characters from other ZD stories that I had planned to write in the past, but I never did. So I am basically honoring those characters in this one.

    And yes, I can confess to you that the story will be long, but I don't know exactly how long.
    Sadly not yet, Sexy. Haha, but neither is my character. A few make their appearance in the prologue, but many others will be appearing as the story moves along. If you haven't seen the list of people I am planning to honor with this story, it's huge, so yeah. XD But fret not, for your character will most likely show up in chapter one beside my own character. That's my plan atm, and I am just 5% from finishing this two-part prologue.
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