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  • I tried your idea and apparently Nintendo doesn't use unsolicited ideas from ethusiastic fans.

    You forgot to answer my last message.
    Thanks a lot:P
    Btw, did you see the new OoT 3DS screenshots? They're awesome! Now I'm definetly getting a 3DS...
    Your Fav LoZ game/games and Fav BGM/BGMs in those games?, Fav MM mask?, and your Triforce wish?

    Mine are OoT (Gerudo Valley) MM(Stone Tower and Deku Palace) TP(Hidden Skill and Hyrule Field) Stone Mask love killing Takkuri for money. World Peace(like no wars peace.)
    Hmm, I don't really mind the colors. I just want the OoT remake to be as awesome as the original OoT:lol:
    By the way, what's your favorite Zelda game?
    Yes, but I'm more excited about Ocarina of Time 3DS, since I don't have a Wii:P
    Are you going to get 3DS when it's released?
    Maybe it is... just maybe.... haha, jk. But there is a discussion where people rate signatures.
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