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  • Yeah, I guess Tortarra would be your star player against all the Steelixs and Graveler would help you with all the MAgnemites, and yeah you're welcome. ;)
    Well, I guess you can beat them with Rock-Types, I don't know, but my diamond is being borrowed right now and Im still playing trough SS(Im at the 9th gym) So I dont have anything good to give you, but don't give up! I know you can beat whatever it that you're trying to beat, I know I did it without help!
    Yeah, I never let anyone start my Pokemon games again, cept for XD and whenver I migrated the ones frm LF/FR E/R/S to Diamond xD.
    Yeah, I bought Diamond the day it came out, I got like 250 hours, which of many it was my brother/cousins playing, and TheyI would often save all the Epic Fail. xD
    Very nice, those where enjoyable, especially FR/LF and Emerald, I have Diamond as well(Almost complete the Pokedex without cheatin ;))
    Yeah, I grew up with the old genertions, in the old days we only had 151 Pokemons... But yeah, I'll buy Black and White once they come out...
    Oh well not much of a crazy adventure =) just ruling my home and my neightboorhood with loud guitar sounds... im a riot *sees profile pic* Oh a kitten!!!
    Thank you! I will add you as soon as I can, I've been playing a lot of SoulSilver so it'll be a while 'till I go back to the Wii, and you can call me Dan or Danny if you want.
    Hey jebus, i forgot to thank you for the friend request =o im late as allways XD
    thanks =) by the way, how are you doin'?
    I'm doing pretty good. A couple of weeks back I was overwhelmed with work, and once I was without all that stress, I had a lot of extra time I spent relaxing, but I think in the process I just sort of degraded into a loser, which oddly bothered me quite a bit. :P So I'm recovering from a severe case of laziness, basically.

    Glad to hear it. We try to make 'em as good as possible. ^^
    Hello, Jebus_thecatman. Welcome to the Zelda Dungeon forums! I hope you enjoy your stay here!
    If you need anything, just ask me or any other member. See you around!
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