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  • Did you get Skype? We have groups on Skype I could add you to. Most people on ZeldaDungeon.net have Skype.
    Why does he dislike you? Did you ever make him mad? Also, how does he know about this website? It would be very hard for him to come back, but if he does, they will just ban him again. Do you have Skype?
    Some guy named "No one" was mad at you. Do you have any idea who that was? Did you get in a fight with someone? If you need someone to talk with, I'm here.
    School. lol. I do say that a lot I know, but it is the truth. My midterms are just over. I have 3 more papers to write and then finals in 3 weeks. yikes. coming up quick
    How are you?
    I have nothing going on really, but I had to watch Toy Story 3 today and I'm in 6th grade though...But yeah, that's all I really did today, and I wish we would be online at the same time because you are on at night (For me it is.) And I am sleeping, but I don't know what time zone you so... Yeah. And I am also in the Fire Temple in Spirit Tracks right now. (I have beat Sprit Tracks once.)
    Yes we did get them. Din and I have not really been replying lately because we've both had midterms! :S
    Some stuff I guess. I've been playing Beyond Good & Evil for the first time, and I've been trying to fix some of the horrible disorganization in the Article Center. Also trying to hurry and write a story for a contest that I want to win. @_@

    ...but we've never talked before, have we? :bleh:
    If you send me an invitation I will join yes, but I cannot give you any indication of my level of activity. I'm really busy lately.
    And that's great. I'm glad you've made a friend.
    I made another new thread in zelda theory! Check it out! And I am also logging off for the night, and then I have school tomorrow so bye! See you tomorrow! :)
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