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    The alien invasion in romani ranch

    So as most of you know, there's a sidequest in majoras mask where you have to help cremia and romani save their ranch from aliens, who are trying to sneak into the barn and steal their cows. If you fail to save the cows and talk to cremia the next morning, she will tell you that they took romani...
  2. Ultimatium

    Was majoras mask just a dream?

    So majoras mask is one of my favorite zelda games. I always wanted to come up with my own theory, so here it is. The skull kid is angry that his friends, the four giants, have left and betrayed him. So when two fairies, tatl and tael finds him left by himself, struggling with his loss, they...
  3. Ultimatium

    Are nintendo 64 zelda games popular here?

    So im curious if these games are still being talked about on this forum?
  4. Ultimatium

    Is it possible to beat the water temple without the zora tunic?

    So, im a bit curious if it's possible to beat the water temple without getting the zora tunic first?
  5. Ultimatium

    Was the deku nut bug ever fixed?

    So, i was wondering if there's a version of ocarina of time where the bug with the deku nut upgrade has been fixed? I am trying to get the upgrade right now, but it seems like i can't get it because i have already completed the poacher's saw quest, so i guess it's bugged?
  6. Ultimatium

    Could Happy Mask Sales Man Could Possibly Be Immortal?

    Well, since he was knocked down by the skull kid in termina field, i would say hes mortal. With that being said, hes very wise, some of his quotes are just pure genious.
  7. Ultimatium

    What the story of pamela and her father?

    That's one way of seeing it. However, some of us are able to see things in a much broader perspective. The whole event could just be a mask falling off a guys face. It could just be some random house in the middle of the desert. It could just be some random event in a video game. ... Or, it...
  8. Ultimatium

    What the story of pamela and her father?

    Yes, there is a point in posting this thread.To share ideas and thoughts on the subject with users of this board. That's the whole idea with a forum like this. And this thread is not a question, it's a theory on the event with the Gibdo's Mask.
  9. Ultimatium

    What the story of pamela and her father?

    Basically this. The scene with Pamela & Father is supposed to illustrate that the love between a parent and it's child is indestructible, regardless of the outer circumstances. (Pamela's father being turned partly into a Gibdo, that is). This is one of the many powerful moments in this wonderful...
  10. Ultimatium

    I got some problems with the virtual console graphics

    I see, thanks for clarifying. Anyway, i solved it. I sold my nintendo wii and installed project 64 instead.
  11. Ultimatium

    Who has managed to beat ocarina of time completely?

    It definitely is. The only problem is, that there seems to be no gameplay guide containing a list of all the overworld chests. We only know for certain when we've managed to open all the underworld chests. ( It's quite simple, search every single young/adult link temple for treasure chests using...
  12. Ultimatium

    Is majoras mask being underappreciated by its fans?

    What if things were the other way around ( MM being released first, and OoT being released later ) would this change your opinion?
  13. Ultimatium

    Could someone please help me with my team?

    I just caught a Tauros, trained it to Lv. 100, and it now knows the four moves: Earthquake,Bodyslam,Horn Drill, Hyper Beam. Initially, i am impressed. You can quickly K.O a good bunch of opponents using only Hyper Beam, or first Body Slam then Hyper Beam. And, Hyper Beam, does not need to...
  14. Ultimatium

    Is it possible to battle against professor oak?

    That figures. It's probably just Prof. Oak's sprite that was programmed into R/B/Y but never used in R/B, only Yellow.
  15. Ultimatium

    Im going to play the wind waker again today

    I've reached the part with the underwater hyrule castle. This is actually a creative little twist, and a very interesting part of the game. The only thing that annoys me in this game is all the sailing, I'm alright with the cel-shaded graphics style.
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