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  • I am actually getting excited about Other M even though im not much of a Metroid player. So ill probably pick that one up. Along with all the new games announced by Nintendo at e3.
    Sorry, you might want to change the quote, I misread something which makes my entire argument void. xD
    I have a Wii and a 360 and I like the Wii better, I am a huge Nintendo fan, always will be. I actually havent played much metroid.
    Pretty much anything from Nintendo, its my favorite company, Zelda, Mario Bros., Super Smash Bros, etc.
    But when I am not playing a Nintendo game I sometimes play CoD Modern Warfare 2 on 360. But I don't play it much.
    Well I never got real far in Majoras Mask, I always just ran around talking to people =) so I have never finished it. I still have it but when my sister moved away I got stuck with the N64 with out a expansion pack :( . I am sure I would love that game, but OOT is my favorite. WW and TP come in close though!
    I do like four swords, but it's not my favorite game. I mostly just liked the picture with the red tunic and toon Link.
    realy me to oot was the reson why i started play zelda games.
    no problem. so whats your favorite zelda game?
    Iron Knuckle = better name then ironknuckle1! haha again!
    I know. Sorry if I've been making it seem like the oppsite but truly what you said in the forum is right. I was going to mention that the theory might be confusing to some but I did'nt.
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