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  • Glad to have other people on my side. :) Reputation points are given to you by other members clicking the rep button in the lower left corner of your post (you can't give yourself rep, though you can give it to others). Reputation is supposed to be anonymous, not signed, and also you can't ask for reputation. :P

    And I see you already figured out the avatar thing. xP
    Hey, thank-you! We love the support.
    It is pretty long, but if you are interested in doing it, I would say put your name on it now as it is only going to get longer.
    I've actually never been on the keaton quiz. Only listened to the podcast so far.
    How can i do that? Is hard for me and kind of new here.
    What is TLOZSS? Oh and hi there.
    I also disagree with Operation Moonfall, but I wouldn't take up that much issue with it if everyone wasn't so... I dunno, excited and worked up about it. I'll probably do a video about it this Saturday. xP I think they will make one, yeah, definitely.
    Hello and Welcome to Zelda Dungeon :yes:. If you want to post in Zelda related threads there are also some sections for fun like entertainment, general, forum games, and community. In the fanworks section you can post your various Fan Fictions or artwork. Have fun and read the rules ;)
    Welcome to Zelda Dungeon, Infernape! I'm Linknerd09! Enjoy posting around the forum with us! Ask me if need help or have ?s! Read the rules;)
    Hi and welcome to Zelda Dungeon! :) I'm Azure, nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy yourself here and make many great posts! Just remember to read and obey the rules, and you'll be fine! ;) If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or any other members. If you wish to reply to this message, simply click "View Conversation".
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