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  1. illmatic

    Can We Have a Friend Safari Thread?

    Added everybody in the thread My FC: 2664-2354-9038 Type: Poison Pokemon: Kakuna, Garbodor, Whirlipede
  2. illmatic

    PS4 Will Be Released in Japan in February 2014... WHAT?!?

    I thought this was ridiculous at first, but the more I think about it I think Sony is smart for delaying the PS4 until 2014 in Japan. They pretty much have that market already won, no matter when the PS4 comes out. The Xbox 360 is pretty much dead in Japan, and the XBO isn't likely to do much...
  3. illmatic

    3DS or Vita

    I recently got a Vita after its recent price drop, and have owned a 3DS for a while. The two are totally different types of systems and can't be compared. I didn't think much of the Vita until I actually got one, and was pleasantly surprised. It's a great piece of hardware, a lot more than...
  4. illmatic

    Microsoft to Reportedly Drop Xbox One DRM

    Too little too late. They already lost me as a customer for good, after being with the 360 since the beginning. I think it's ridiculous that they are trying to pass it off as "we listened to our customers", especially after they double-downed on their original policy and defending it over and...
  5. illmatic

    Need an Snes Game to Play Tonight

    Here are my favorite SNES games other than Mario/Zelda and other classics: Battletoads/Double Dragon Final Fight 2 Mega Man X Zombies Ate My Neighbors
  6. illmatic

    Nintendo Now Taking Ad Revenue from YouTube Let's Plays of Their Games

    Many YouTubers make a living off of their ad money, especially the popular LPers. So when you take away their money they are going to be pissed. (Of course this isn't smart on their part to rely on it, because when their account gets flagged they're screwed and forced to make a video begging to...
  7. illmatic

    Xbox One Announced!

    This definitely isn't the case. A lot of the backlash is coming from fans of Xbox. Just look at the comments section in Microsoft's Major Nelson blog: Xbox Live's Major Nelson » Xbox One and Used Games : Most of the comments are negative and are from longtime Xbox users. Also, Angry Joe is a...
  8. illmatic

    Nintendo Now Taking Ad Revenue from YouTube Let's Plays of Their Games

    Not sure why anyone would defend Nintendo with this. Let's Plays give companies free advertising. When I watch a Let's Play it makes me want to play the game, it doesn't replace the experience. If someone uploads a movie or TV series, then that is copyright infringement and a company should...
  9. illmatic

    Xbox One Announced!

    Very disappointed that you have to install games and it gets tied to your account. Buying and selling used games is a big part of video gaming for me. But I guess this is the future of video games. Sony will likely do something similar. Publishers aren't happy about used game sales since they...
  10. illmatic

    Freakin' Awesome Video Game Covers

    Here are some of my favorites:
  11. illmatic

    Games You Hate but Everyone else Love

    Skyward Sword, though I wouldn't really call it a game that everybody else loved. People seem to be divided on it. Final Fantasy X - Not sure why it got so much praise. It was the first FF game I disliked, and I enjoyed XII more. Metroid - both the NES/SNES games and the Prime series - I've...
  12. illmatic

    Favourite Mario Vs Bowser Battle?

    Super Mario World 2 and Super Mario World
  13. illmatic

    Favorite Fighting Series?

    1. Marvel vs. Capcom / X-Men vs. Street Fighter - Always fun playing these games, whether it's in the arcades or on consoles. I'm also a huge X-Men and Marvel fan, so it's cool seeing my favorite characters alive in video games. 2. Mortal Kombat - The original on the SNES was the first...
  14. illmatic

    Minecraft: How Do You Play?

    Haven't played in quite a while so I know things are pretty different now. But I usually play as an explorer, going deeper into caves each time looking for valuable minerals, while creating a path back to my house. I keep enemies on, because it's fun to have that risk that you can be attacked...
  15. illmatic

    Is The Nintendo 64 Overrated?

    It depends on what you mean by overrated. It's definitely not the greatest console ever, and not even the best Nintendo console (that's the SNES in my opinion). But it was still a turning point in console gaming. It popularized the analog stick, force feedback with the Rumble Pack, 4-player...
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