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  • okay that was a little creepy and why wont you look it up if there is higurashi ones
    OMFG XD This fanfic... so funny xD

    Uhh my creepy is something that is some what gory, psychotic, mysterious, ominous, eeire, etc
    No o.o POST POST POST!!!!! And lawls xD this fanfiction im reading, Grimmjow and Ichigo are getting married xD and everyone is bringinng them sex propaganda as gifts xD
    shesh. I know, summer has been boring for me... Imma look up OoT 3D and see if Dark link is my graphitized and all.... Link x Dark link <3
    huh. I like math 8D. Ugh you reply fast o.o Im reading two fanics a t a time. And by half a chapter on one you reply
    YEp 8D Ugggh I need to do my summer project for englsih. ITs a pain. I have to have a short passage by some author that wrote something from the victorian era and annotate it Dx well look for rhetorical terms and argument devices and stuff O^O im to lazy and idk what to look for. Then i have to read a book(wont take me but a week) and make 25 lines or 5 paragrapghs with at least 5 lines each about 5 topics
    Wait a fan site of what?? Ugh like two weeks ago, the computer had like 3 viruses and 8 trojans and it had to get fixed ._. It sucked no computer for like a week.
    Huh Elfen lied also had 12 episodes T_T That wasa good anime. Also, have you seen Angel beats. Another great anime. A lass only 12 episodes to T_T
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