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  • Yeah, I hate those people. This one guy threatened me at school, I tested him, he got up from the other side of the classroom, meanwhile I'm still sitting and he does nothing. He just makes himself look like an *** by walking all the way back to his seat. People are such damn posers! It's sad really. Lol church boy. Well, that's good for you, you got one of the good ones. I hate when I see girls end up with people like my father or brother. But I also lose respect for the girl when they stay.
    That's nice. I wish I could meet someone like that. All the girls over here... *****es and hos. I hate my neighborhood.
    I do as well. But I also don't mind buying games just so that I can live through that experience at least once. I remember two years ago, I bought all these Marvel games played them just to see what's up, passed them, and traded them in. Of course, when I know I'm gonna do that with a game, I wait until I can get them really cheap. I can thank Amazon for that. Plus, I always end up getting more money back then what I paid.

    When it comes to other games, I can never part with them. I have at least 200 hundred games right now.
    If that was the case, I would of gone to another Gamestop or ask for someone else to attend to me.

    Oh! Well, whenever I'm not quite ready to buy a game on the day of release, I pre-order from Gamestop and pick the game up, claim whatever exclusive DLC they have and return the game. It works so well because the code for the DLC is on the receipt. Also, I use Gamestop as a rental service by buying pre-owned games that I'm not too sure about so I can test them or just playthrough them and not be forced to keep it. I then return them after my 7 days are up. This last one isn't really a scam, but it's awesome nonetheless. Whenever I have a bunch of games I regret buying or don't see myself ever playing again, I always wait until Gamestop has special offers on trade-ins while also adding my power-up card which adds a 10% bonus to my trade-in value along with other exclusive deals that I can add into the mix. I always end up trading in like about 7 games and walk out with over one hundred dollars.
    Wouldn't he enjoy kissing your.... nevermind! Well, he could be at fault but at the same time, maybe not. Sometimes, people who get fired or quit are ******s and they tamper with people's pre-orders by stealing their money, messing with the statuses of pre-orders, and whatever else they can do with them. It's happened to me many times, and they have helped me out before, but what if you weren't so lucky? It could of been him, but then again, maybe it wasn't. Who knows?

    Anyway, this is why I always scam Gamestop!
    I just read your blog... that sucks. Was he the same guy that attended to you?
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