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    WW-Wii U The Wind Waker HD :No Cut Dungeons; No Master Quest

    This is a really good point, and it reminds me of something I had quite forgotten until now. They did explicitly say that this game was to "tide us over" until Zelda Wii U. This makes me feel better.
  2. HylianHero

    Shadow Triforce?

    It's most likely just an allusion to the Dark World. It could however, be a representation of how the Triforce grant good and evil wishes.
  3. HylianHero

    General Zelda Messin' with Gravity

    It's a great idea, especially for Zelda. I feel the series would do a great job with such a mechanic.
  4. HylianHero

    WW-Wii U The Wind Waker HD :No Cut Dungeons; No Master Quest

    A little piece of my heart shattered when I saw the title said The Wind Waker HD, and not The Wind Waker U. I knew when I saw that that the only significant details between the games would be the HD. I completely understand their reasoning for doing it, but still, I really wish they had added...
  5. HylianHero

    A Link Between Worlds Why Are People Worried?

    It's not hate it's, as the title of the thread says, worry. Even I'm worried a little bit about this game. I don't really have a reason to, but I can't shake the feeling. I guess my major worry is that the game seems to be skirting the dangerous line between a remake and a "second quest" when...
  6. HylianHero

    [SPOILERS] New Ways to Battle + New Pokémon Released!

    It sounds like you could very well take them out one at a time, but only if they are significantly weaker than you. This was said at the developer's roundtable at E3 and from that last sentence, it sounds like they are designing the horde battles so that they will be extremely difficult without...
  7. HylianHero

    [SPOILERS] New Ways to Battle + New Pokémon Released!

    Ugh, I actually am not looking forward to the horde and sky battles. The triple and rotation battles were pointless enough, but sky and horde sound even more ridiculous. I honestly don't see what sky battles offer that's different, besides a different background and a restriction on which...
  8. HylianHero

    Fairy Type

    Just new info, in a Q&A with the developers, when asked why they created the new type, they said that the dragon type was too strong and they wanted to balance it out. It seems that the entire purpose for this type is to weaken dragon pokemon. Source: Details from the Pokemon X/Y developer...
  9. HylianHero

    Fairy Type

    I think that they are both "fantasy" types, so like a fairy (a stereotypical force of good) would prevail against a dragon (a stereotypical force of evil). But I think they could have done other better advantages for fairy type. I really don't like that the dragon type will be weakened, I...
  10. HylianHero

    General Zelda 3D Zelda: Does The Beetle Render The Boomerang Useless?

    I would so much rather have the beetle than the boomerang. The beetle was, as the OP said, Link's most versatile tool, possibly ever. The beetle was used in ways in which the boomerang could never be used. The beetle represents the best of SS to me: a fun, intriguing item, controlled by WM+...
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    A Link Between Worlds Zelda A Link Between Worlds E3 TRAILER

    I am so happy right now. This game looks like it's going to be great.
  12. HylianHero

    A Link Between Worlds The Legend of Zelda: a Link Between Worlds!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAluniNRibs&feature=player_embedded You can't even comprehend how happy I am that the title was not a pun on the drawing mechanic.
  13. HylianHero

    General Zelda Superbosses

    It's a great idea for Zelda. As you've pointed out, most of Zelda bosses are transparent and easily dealt with, but these super bosses could balance that out by offering a high difficulty boss that you wouldn't be required to fight. That way you could keep the main quest easy for Nintendo's...
  14. HylianHero

    General Zelda Looking It Up Vs. Figuring It Out

    During my first few Zelda games, I looked up everything. Since then I made an oath to myself that I would figure everything out and that's what I did for the rest the games. Concerning how to enter Jabu-Jabu's Belly, I can't remember where I had heard it, but when I first played OoT, I knew...
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