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    SKYWARD SWORD FOR $19.99?!

    I learned the other day that Best Buy is selling Skyward Sword for $19.99. For anyone who hasn't bought the game yet, like myself, THIS IS THE TIME TO BUY!! $20 is a much better deal than $60 at GameStop. I'll probably pick up the game at the end of the month.
  2. hylianbeast

    Twilight Princess Did You Like Wolf-Link?

    He's a wolf! What's not to like?
  3. hylianbeast

    How Skull Kid Formed Deku Link

    It is true that in order to get a transformation mask someone has to die, bu the SKULL KID didn't kill the Deku tree. Gannondorf killed the Deku Tree with Gohma so obviously SKULL KID can't kill him twice. Also, the sad tree was the only mask that SKULL KID directly killed. The Zora mask was...
  4. hylianbeast

    Spoiler About the Kokiri

    I think that Kokiri's have the same effect as vampires do. They age a lot slower than regular people. As for reproducing...I don't wanna get into that.
  5. hylianbeast

    Who is the Goddess of Time In Majora's Mask

    I just think Zelda is the Sage of Time. She is called the Goddess of Time in OoT and she holds the Ocarina of Time which is passed down from generation to generation. So it makes sense that she would be the goddess of time.
  6. hylianbeast

    Midna and Majora Related?

    This would make sense considering they are both from the Dark Tribe and look similar. Also, the two games take place in the same timeline. Many people put TP right after MM. Thirdly, Midna's maks looks fairly similar to Majora's. So I don't think it's completely wrong to thin this. This is an...
  7. hylianbeast

    What Exactly Does the Triforce of Courage Bestow?

    I think it just gives him courage to face whatever he wants. It also grants him endurance to go on to finish his quest. It's a literal thing. Like the Triforce of Wisdom grants Zelda wisdom, and the Triforce of Power gives Gannondorf strength and power.
  8. hylianbeast

    Spoiler The Mystery of The Happy Mask Salesman

    I used to think that he just wanted to destroy Termina, but then I remembered he told Link to get the mask back. I agree with you on the mirrored image thing. There are characters from OoT that have mirrored images of themselves, but none are that different from their counter-parts except for...
  9. hylianbeast

    The Hero's Clothes

    This proves that even the simplest of things can case an impact on something bigger. It's cool on how you saw a small detail, and expanded upon it. I also agree with your timeline especially on the Majora's Mask side.
  10. hylianbeast

    Is Ciela in Phantom Hourglass Navi from Ocarina of Time?

    No they are two different fairies. First off, Phantom Hourglass seems to take place in an alternate dimension. (Maybe Termina?) This is seen at the end when Tetra's crew tells them they've only been gone for a few minutes. Also, Ciela finds out who she really is at the end of the game. If she...
  11. hylianbeast

    Ganon? Ganondorf?

    To me, Gannondorf is the human form of Gannon. Gannon is a beast-pig thing that's just power hungry. But in Ocarina of Time, Gannondorf can't handle the power of the Triforce of Power so he transformed into Gannon. So Gannon may also be a monster of power when someone can't handle the Triforce...
  12. hylianbeast

    Where Did Navi Go?

    Well Majora's Mask starts off with Link trying to find Navi, but he doesn't seem to ever do. I think she just went off to help someone else since Link didn't need her help anymore. Sort of like Mary Poppins.
  13. hylianbeast

    Which Zelda Instrument?

    Easily the Ocarina from Ocarina of Time. It's an instrument not too many people hear about and it has created some of the most memorable songs in the franchise.
  14. hylianbeast

    Things in Zelda That Seem Normal but Would Be Weird if You Saw It in Real Life.

    Seeing a kid running around with a tiny sword cutting grass and picking up a green gem would be pretty weird to see. Or a young man picking up a chicken and jumping off a ledge to try and fly would also be random.
  15. hylianbeast

    Favorite Manga?

    My favorite is the Ocarina of Time manga. It is my favorite Zelda game, so it's pretty obvious to why it's my favorite. My second is Majora's Mask because they did a great job of giving the side characters more emotion and connecting you to them.
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