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  • Hello Hylianbeast, so you've been here a month and you aren't getting enough friend requests? Have you been posting on the forums?

    Oh, your off with a surgery... ouch I hope that goes well and recover quickly!
    Hey guys, its me. I
    'm having surgery in a few weeks and wont be able to be online for a few weeks. Just to let you know.
    made the sig for ya, click here
    Here is how to make it your sig

    1. Copy (highlight the link, the hit ctrl+c) the link below the sig

    2. go to settings

    3. then click "Edit Signature"

    4. the hit the "Innsert Image" tab above the box where you type.

    5. press Ctrl+V

    6. then your sig will pop up

    7. then hit save, or preview to see what it looks like.
    Well I added you or sent a friend request to you so Everyone can be my friend. Everyone... haha ha haha(evil laugh).
    Heyyyyyyy wazzup?!? This is my page. I know it's boring but don't judge me!!! I am a HUGE Zelda fan. I've beaten phantom hourgalss, spirit tracks, and am on OOT. Zelda ftw!!!!!
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