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  • Hey hsb39! How are you doing? Im doing well. I also posted a thread showcasing my timeline theory not to long ago. Go find it and tell me what you think.
    looking at my team the possible status inflictons are:
    Toxic, 2
    leech seed, 1
    para, 2
    Ice beam and ice punch (salamence counter ya know).
    I realise you are a pokemon battle and want to battle you even though I have no prior experience of battleing I have constucted a team and am ready to fight!
    Hey, I've gathered so far that you're a competitive Pokemon battler. I am one myself, though I'm mediocre... Not that great, imo. But, do you want to battle sometime?
    ... Why? I'm not going to join another forum without good reason, and the name "digg" screasm virus.
    I know there's quite a bit, although it's died down a bit. And if you saw some of the other people on these kind of threads you would appreciate yourself some more.

    And I'm used to arguing the American perspective. The Ozzy constitution was largely based off America's anyway, we only became a country 100 years ago.
    Thanks man...I'm not sure if being politically correct is a complement, and I have no intention of being, but I try to stick to valid points. I'll be more than happy to explain my views very honestly if you ever ask. I have strong, politically incorrect, views. :P

    Also, I realize debates have been getting a little heated so I hope I've been sticking by my respectful tone. If I ever say something out of line, go ahead and give me a nudge in the right direction. And finally, I just realized you're not American...I appreciate you arguing the American perspective, and now that I know this I'll try to be a little more general about things on occasion.

    I'll respond to your posts when I get the time, too, but sometimes there's a substantial amount to reply to.
    Same for you, we disagree, but you're so nice about it. So politically correct.
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