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  • My team wasn't really put together that well, I just went for a sort of semi stall team but I made the matches work together, however, I'll change it for our battle.
    It may be. Which is better for a Gyrados, Earthquake or Stone Edge? I'm guessing Earthquake to take out otherwise extremely deadly Electric Types. My Gyrados's moves are:

    Aqua Tail
    Ice Fang
    Dragon Dance
    Currently Bite but I will change it
    I might just do that =D...although, my last team is fun to use with all the prediction if I get it right =)
    Yeah I'm starting to rethink that, maybe not as much fighting as supporting like a Shuckle was meant to do. My move set is probobly going to be:

    Stealth Rock
    ????? (some sort of physical attacking move, Maybe Bug Bite)

    My Shuckle's Nature hinders his Def. but he can still take a hit from my cousin's Lv.71 Mewtwo. I will also work with EV training it's HP and have it hold Leftovers.
    Well, good for you. I've been to Paris quite a few times, and to Brittany five times. But often I go to the Mediterranean sea instead. Warmer ^^
    I'll battle you hsb, I'll need to get my team together though...but I can't get my real one cause it's not made :xd: :(...but my old one should do :)
    That's nice. Did you go to the Sacre Cœur? It's nice in Paris, I think. I've been there several times.:P
    yep, i'm training one at the moment, mostly ev training in Def. I also want to train a Shuckle............. I mean DANG, those things can take a hit!!!!!!!
    Oh, did you go and see Versailles, le Louvre, or the Tour Eiffel? Or all of them?
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