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  1. Heriod77777

    Zelda Art The Legend of Groose

    I think some day if I learn to program I will make The Legend of Groose Tuba of Time. No, I am actually serious. He would learn a move where he runs like a rino and destroys everything in his way with his pompadour. He would also carry large things in the terrain and throw them and what- not. He...
  2. Heriod77777

    Who Has Watched the Movie Called "The Master of Disguise"?

    Yep, a couple months ago. It was really funny, dumb,I don't know how someone couldn't find it funny.
  3. Heriod77777

    What is Your Dream.

    To bring any girl to my house and to my bed that I feel like...... Cant say it at this site, lol. Work for Nintendo and make my video game. To be a hero for the secret town out there with a guy killing everyone and slaughter him for the devil to ( Intermission, sorry but I don't think I can use...
  4. Heriod77777

    You Say Rage is Shame.... Its My Drive!

    Hello, I haven't seen any plausible threads like what I was searching for so I made this for my reason. I only read the first little bit of some site..... But when it said rage is shame I frowned in complete disbelief. I was just searching up how do I create rage? Now a lot of you would lol and...
  5. Heriod77777

    Just a Question About Ganondorf...

    Don't worry, I laughed. I think I laughed at the one comment under yours. Doesn't this thread belong under World of Zelda moderators? :S
  6. Heriod77777

    Biggest Badass in the Legend of Zelda

    I think the reason he didn't include a picture was to keep from showing any spoilers. Its hard for me to think of the most bad*** in The Legend of Zelda. I personally don't agree with you when you say the awesomeness comes from the characters. The one character I have stuck to mostly in thought...
  7. Heriod77777

    Tunic Link

    I only use the one I need to use. The green one from TP, I loved how stale and grey things looked in the game.
  8. Heriod77777

    Most Attractive Character in The Legend of Zelda

    Midna for sure, she is very beautiful and hot. She has cool red eyes, interesting colored skin, big body parts ( I don't want to disobey the rules here. Sorry if this sounds weird sense I wasn't being too specific.)
  9. Heriod77777

    Who Would Win?

    Twilight Princess Link would win, look at how easy he makes evil look like in TP, lol.
  10. Heriod77777

    Least Favorite Enemy?

    I loved the floor masters. Combat with them was so nice, the only enemy I can think of is the Redead because it slows the action down and is very cheap.
  11. Heriod77777

    Completed Zelda Games

    Good Din! Don't let them play it. Or at least keep them from saving. I would go crazy if one of my stupid siblings saved over my data.
  12. Heriod77777

    Why Are So Few Villains Interested in the Triforce?

    Maybe they never knew it existed? If they did, it would still be harder for them to get it instead of Ganondorf. It makes sense that they should go after it, in at least one game. But they almost never do.
  13. Heriod77777

    Spoiler What Could It Be Like with Miyamoto Doing It....

    Hey I found no thread that said anything on this so I made this. This is old news but, do you think it will be much better for Miyamoto to handle Zelda Wii U himself, or worse? Source of information: Miyamoto wants to personally handle The Legend of Zelda on the Wii U I think there are many...
  14. Heriod77777

    How the Harp Could Have Been Improved

    Everybody already explained it, and I agree with most of it. Skyward Sword definitely could of had the harp better. ( And Fi's disturbing animation of her singing, lol.)
  15. Heriod77777

    May Giveaway Contest: Most Anticipated Game of 2012

    I would love to see Majoras Mask 3D, I think its the greatest Zelda game even though Skyward Sword is still my favorite. ( Did you hear that never changing fan boys, someone just ADMITTED theirs a game better than their favorite! :xd: I am doing this because theirs a large number of people that...
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