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    General Zelda What is Your Favorite Zelda Soundtrack?

    WindWaker's. I mean, just listen to the WW Symphonic Suite from the Symphony of the Goddess CD. It's one of the few things that have made me tear up with emotion other than sadness. And that suite doesn't even have all the best tracks in the game... I mean, like seriously, the WW OST is a...
  2. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Ghirahim - Was It a Poor Decision?

    I loved Ghirahim. I'll go so far as to say he's one of my favorite villains in the series. I loved his flamboyant, seductive personality, the way he "flirted" around with Link....Zelda villains are typically dark, in-the-shadows types, or they're all macho like Ganondorf, so it was refreshing to...
  3. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Would You Like More Romance in Future Titles of The Legend of Zelda?

    Eh, I don't know how I feel about Link getting really tied up romantically. I prefer to think of him as the solitary hero who's equally compassionate towards everyone, not just his love interest. I'm not against other characters being more romantically involved as long as it's not too try-hard.
  4. HatredHazard

    General Zelda What Do You Think of ZREO Shutting Down?

    I appreciated what they did, they just seemed like the epitome of "dedicated Zelda fan", and the reason for their departure is pretty sad (I mean, it must be so frustrating to work in music/film production and see everyone steal your work online for free, when they should be buying it. I can't...
  5. HatredHazard

    What is Your Least Favorite Anime?

    Death Note is the most overrated thing ever IMO...I liked L and that was about it.
  6. HatredHazard

    Any Adventure Time Fans?

    Woohoo! I started watching it recently, and it's really growing on me xD My fav's Marceline as well, she's just so cool. I have to admit, I was a little infatuated with Marshall Lee after the "Bad Little Boy" episode. My favorite episodes are probably the genderbending ones, but I've only...
  7. HatredHazard

    Any Adventure Time Fans?

    Hey all! Just wondering if anyone here watched Adventure Time. I know it's a kids' show but so are a lot of good stuff xD So, yeah? Anyone? If so, who's your favorite character, episode, pairing, etc etc
  8. HatredHazard

    Sherlock Holmes

    I've seen the BBC modern Sherlock (w/ Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman). It's my favorite interpretation of the title character, since it focuses a lot more on Sherlock's wits and downplays the action (always felt like Robert Downey Jr. was more about action). They also did a good job...
  9. HatredHazard

    What Kind of Story Do You Want in Zelda Wii U

    I'm hoping Zelda Wii U has a more mature story...I don't mean anything too deep and philosophical, but around anime level in terms of story depth, character development, character-character relationships and emotions, etc. I'd say most Zelda games are around classic Disney level in terms of...
  10. HatredHazard

    What Would You Like to Be Changed or Added in Wind Waker HD

    It would be awesome if we got orchestrated versions of all the original tracks because 1) WW's soundtrack was, IMO, the strongest of any Zelda game give or take OoT, and 2) the MIDI used in the GC version might feel just a bit outdated with slick HD graphics. Though I doubt this will happen. At...
  11. HatredHazard

    Spoiler Favourite Link "design"

    TP Link>SSBB Link IMO... Idk, SSBB Link looks too European with the very blonde hair and very white skin. TP Link has darker hair and (I think?) slightly darker skin. He's hot <3
  12. HatredHazard

    Favorite Animes

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Avatar: the Last Airbender (whether or not you consider the latter an anime, it's a must-see!)
  13. HatredHazard

    If You Could Live in a Book, TV Show, Movie or Video Game, Where?

    Definitely Pokemon. I haven't watched the show/played the games in forever, but think about it. When you're freaking ten years old you get a Pokemon license, you get to leave your parents and travel around on your own or with your besties. You catch and train Pokemon and they become your besties...
  14. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Too Focused on Being a Legend?

    I've never felt that the series' coherency has hurt it. It's there all right, but it doesn't do THAT much to affect each game's individual story. When I heard SS was going to be about Hyrule's origins, I thought it would explain a ton of the series' mythology, you know, contain vital "Zelda...
  15. HatredHazard

    General Zelda How Well Do You Know The Zelda Series?

    A two or a three. I need a quiet summer to play all the games I haven't played. I'm also trying to get the Hyrule Historia for one of my birthdays somewhere down the road... so that'll probably bump up my Zelda knowledge :)
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