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  • AWWW inside joke indeed! <3

    Thank you so much sweetheart. ^___^ Hey, want to talk on AIM sometime?
    Thank you for your post on the war on spam thread ^^ my mother says I have small dyslexia.. but I think I do okay.. I have a harder time with numbers then I do with spelling
    Happy week after Valentines Day Hunni! ; ^; I know we just talked like 3 hours ago or something like that, but I really do miss you! I hope that cable thingie didn't break.. like I said, mine is kinda like that and I had no trouble, but it just wiggled lose after awhile, it wasn't because of the way I was handling it. So.. Here's to talking to you tomorrow night, if not that's ok too.. Monday it is. ;.;

    Love you.

    Why I just wrote such a long comment in your profile, I have no idea. Just go with it.
    Happy Valentines day hunni!!!

    lol you got on at 6:00 this morning before you left? xD
    Me? Cool? I've never been called "cool" before!:D

    Yeah, everyone else had a custom title, so I thought I should have one too, but all I could think of was OoT Nerd. Maybe I should change it......
    ^^ You betcha!
    Everyone knows all good people are heart have a deep love for Lord of the Rings!
    Welcome to Zelda Dungeon, Hanyou :)

    You seem very well thought out in your posts, this is the kind of activity we love to see here. I look forward to reading some of your posts in the future.
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